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We are BBQ enthusiasts and competitors that aim to share information, advice, tips, and tales about our favorite pass-time.

Our mission is to ignite the passion of cooks everywhere-from amateur to pro-to continue to exceed their own expectations on their journey to Master the Pit!

Anthony Lujan

Anthony Lujan the head cook of Smoke Ain’t No Joke Bbq Team. 2 Time Grand Champion, 1 Reserve Grand Champion, and numerous top 10 calls in Chicken, Ribs, Pork, and Brisket.

Our Mission

Rusty Monson

Rusty Monson owns and operates Salt City Barbecue Food Truck and is the head cook of Salt City Barbecue competition team.  The team has been competing for 2 years and has racked up 2 Grand champions 4 RGCs and multiple top-ten calls. 

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